A pretty and shiny smile is the best gift for us and our loved ones. It points out our sense, our humor, shows tenderness and confidence and lights up our face. I could use a thousand words to describe it, but this is what a smile does… replace the thousand words. Either your need is something– a healthy mouth with no pain in teeth and gums, for you and your family – either you need a shiny and perfect smile, with tiny or…big interventions, dental science can offer it to you.

From a simple teeth cleaning to more specialized esthetic interventions, such us prosthetic restorations in implants, all ceramic restorations, ( veneers, crowns and inlays or onlays), zirconia restorations, teeth bonding restoration, whitening using LED technology, laser and injected hyaluronic acid appliances for a complete cosmetic smile restoration.

Give time to yourself, think of what you need to feel better with your smile and it will be my pleasure to meet you in my office in order to discuss your questions and find solutions to your problem.

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Ada Agadakou